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Our products

The reliable quality of our products, as well as their ecological assessment is an essential prerequisite for our long-term success. We achieve this in the quality and environmental management system by a continuous process testing from suppliers of raw materials to finished products. The costs incurred in the production of our environmental impacts are reviewed regularly and continuous minimization is sought. Every product and every process is tested prior to its environmental impact to ensure a conservation of natural resources. Input materials, machinery and production processes shall be selected under the best economic and environmental aspects and applied. Where economically feasible, recourse should be had to the best available technology.

Consistent environmental and quality management system

The key points of our management systems provide the quality and environmental management manual represents past operations, procedures and practices documented. By an internal inspection system is the implementation of environmental and quality policy of the company management and the continuous improvement process can be realized.

Awareness of our employees

The production of quality and conservation of natural resources requires adequate production facilities, processes and working conditions, but also interested, committed and responsibly working employees. For us motivated and competent employees are the most important requirement. Training and team spirit are essential for the successful implementation of high environmental and quality standards. Through ongoing training, we ensure that our employees understand their responsibilities in the areas of quality and environment and possess the necessary skills to carry them out. The quality and environmental concerns must be for everyone in the company to work everyday habit. Our quality objectives we are consistently pursuing the implementation and continuous improvement of our quality system. Basis of this system is our quality policy, which we believe is primarily to the fact that the company has a future-proof perspective.

Quality and environmental policy / quality objectives

Basis of our quality and environmental management systems is our common policy, which we believe is primarily to the fact that the company has a future-proof perspective. Our quality and environmental objectives, we will consistently follow through the implementation and continuous improvement of quality and environmental management system. To make our quality and environmental policies come in daily work to develop these are exemplified by the leading members of our company and further developed.

Regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction as the top priority

The provisions of law is a matter of course. In addition, our business success depends on the satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, we are committed environmental and quality objectives to exceed those limits. Therefore, we want a partner to the retail, fast and reliable. We strive therefore to a complete customer service and minimize customer complaints.

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